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Vertical Sewage Pump

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Vertical Sewage Pump
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TTABF-WL series vertical sewage pump is a new-generation product successfully developed by this Co. by way of introducing the advanced know-how from both at home and abroad, upon the requirements and conditions of use of the users and reasonable designing and features high efficiency, energy saving, flat power curve, non-block-up, wrapping-resisting, good performance etc.

This series pump uses single(dual) great flow-path impeller or the impeller with dual or three blades and, with the unique impeller`s structure, has a very good flow-passing performance, and equipped with reasonable spiral housing, is made to be high effective and able to transport the liquids containing solids, food plastic bags etc. long fibres or other suspensions, with the maximum diameter of the solid grains 80-250mm and the fibre length 300-1500mm.

TTABF-WL series pump has a good hydraulic performance and a flat power curve and, by testing, each of its performance index reaches the related standard. The product is greatly favoured and evaluated by the users since its being put into the market for its unique efficiency and reliable performance and quality.