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Universal Testing Machine with Climate Chamber

TTSHC1000 Servo-hydraulic Compression Testing Machine is ideal for high-capacity compression and bend/flex tests. These frames feature, free positioning upper platen so users can quickly change clearance between platens instantly, because of this, the total height of machine could be much lower than the frames which use oil cylinder to adjust the test space


Verify the Mechanical Properties of;

  • Metals-(components),
  • Construction materials (compression of concrete) and components, and more


  • Extra-length screws with an adjustable upper platen, easy to change test space.
  • Rigid 4-column load frame construction providing superior axial and lateral stiffness and minimum maintenance, low reaction at specimen failure.
  • Lower platen could slide out for easier sample loading
  • Lower platen with T-Slot design for easier sample mounting
  • Tempered upper platen with hardness up to 50HRC, suitable for compression testing of metals.
  • With digital displacement transducer for the best positioning and measuring accuracy
  • Strain gauge load cell to measure compression force precisely
  • Servo-controlled hydraulic technology to ensure constant loading speed

ToronSOFT Control Software:

ToronSOFT is the Microsoft Windows based software used to control the Compression Tester.  Programmable test procedure allows user to switch control channel and loading speed in multiple steps.

Technical Specifications





Load Resolution

Capacity/300, 000 (fully auto scaling of single measurement range)


6 inch (153 mm)

Testing Speeds

0.004 ~  2 inch/min (0.1 ~ 50 mm/min)

Adjustable Speed of Upper Platen

12.6 inch/min (320 mm/min)

Load Measurement Accuracy

±0.5% of reading to 1/50 of load weighing system capacity meets or exceeds the requirements of the following standards: ISO 7500-1, EN 10002-2, ASTM E4, JIS B7721

Speed Accuracy

Set speed<10% Max. Speed: ±1%    Set speed ≥10% Max. speed:±0.5%

Position Measurement Accuracy

±0.5 of reading or 0.001 mm, whichever is greater

Power Supply

Standard optional line to line voltages of three phase power 380Vac, 50-60 Hz,

Power must be free of spikes and surges exceeding 10% of the nominal voltage.

Operating Temperature

0 to +38°C (+32 to +100°F)

Humidity Range

10% to 90% non-condensing

Storage Temperature

-40 to +66°C (-40 to +150°F)


Machine Dimensions

Overall Height

132 inches

Lower/ Upper Platen (Width)

30 inches

Lower/ Upper Platen (Depth)

18 inches

Distance between Platens

0 – 80 inches

Weight of Load Frames

18,000 lbs