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Ultra Centrifugal Mill applies to a wide range of samples. Based on its high efficiency grinding technology and rich accessories, with secondary grinding of rotating knife – ring screen system, it can process dry grinding and frozen ground in a very short time for the soft, hard, brittle, fibrous sample.

    • Ecological environment protection:  plants (root, stem and leaf, etc.) sample preparation, C.H.N determination
    • Coal, coatings sample preparation; ash content, thermal measurement.
    • Identify the nitrogen composition and protein composition of feed and food.
    • Secondary fuel, rubbish, plastic, electronic elements, the determination of harmful substances.
    • Provide all kinds of accessories to ensure the application of diversification
    • The final fineness less than 40μm
    • Speed adjustable from 6000-21000rpm
    • Two-stage rotor-ring sieve system to realize quickly grinding.
    • 98mm rotor diameter and 98m/s peripheral speed ensure the high efficiency of the grinding process.
    • Touch control panel, convenient and quick.
    • The specifically designed air passage can guarantee that the grinding chamber has constant airflow to cool rotors and samples.
    • There is a double layer wear-proof seal ring between the grinding chamber and the driving motor to prevent dust from entering the motor.
    • The electronic lock and the mechanical lock form double protection for operators.
    • The double anti-blocking hopper can effectively prevent feedstock blocking and reduce noises.
    • Special adapters can be equipped to perform large-capacity
    • The motor is equipped with the function of overload protection, and it can keep running after restarting due to overload.

    The fast mill can realize two-stage crushing for samples with the rotor and ring sieves. Samples are fed from the hopper with anti-splashing design. Under the effect of high-speed centrifugal force, the falling samples and the high-speed rotor generate a giant impact force to perform pretreatment for samples; then the samples are sheared, extruded and rubbed again between the rotor and ring sieves. The sample size less than the aperture of ring sieves enters into the collecting pan. The two-stage crushing can form moderate and efficient crushing results. Due to the high crushing efficiency, the period of samples staying in the grinding chamber is quite short so as to avoid changes in sample natures.

    Feed size ≥30mm
    Final fineness ≤ 40μm
    Motor speed 6000 – 21000 rpm, constant adjustable
    Peripheral speed 31.4-94.2m/s
    Rotor diameter 98mm
    Ring sieve 0.20,0.50,1.00,2.00,,8.00,10.00mm
    Power rate 760W
    Instrument size (W*D*H) 400*506*495mm
    Package size (W*D*H) 590*590*630mm
    Weight 38 kg