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Torsion Testing Machine for Fasteners

TTTFEN and TTTFISO Series for Torsion Testing of Fasteners

EN 14399-2, ISO 16047

This test, which determines the functional characteristics identified in the relevant product standards, has been developed to confirm the suitability of a high strength bolt/nut/washer assembly for preloaded bolted connections in civil engineering structures. It is applicable, basically, to bolts, screws, studs and nuts made of carbon steel and alloy steel, for carrying out torque/clamp force tests on threaded fasteners and related parts

Torontech's TTTF Series of Torsion Testing Machine is designed to verify the suitability of high strength bolt/nut/washer assemblies for pre-loaded bolted connection in metallic structures.

The purpose of this test is to check the behavior of the fastener assembly so as to ensure that the required pre-load can be reliably obtained by the tightening methods specified in ENV 1090 with sufficient margins against over tightening and against failure.

The torque is generated by servo motor and gear box, the torsional angle is directly measured from servo motor, the bolt force and torque are also directly from load cells.


  • EN 14399-2: High-strength Structural Bolting Assemblies for Preloading – Part 2 Suitability Test for Preloading
  • ISO 16047: Fasteners - Torque/clamp force testing

Software Features:

  • Windows-based Platform
    • Software package on Windows-based platform which is user-friendly and easy-to-use.
  • Multi Measurement Units
    • Dimensions, bolt force, torque can be displayed in different units upon selection.
  • Programmable Test Methods
    • User can work out an optimal test method according to test specimen of different materials and dimensions according to their experience, then operator only need to load existing test process and click “Start” to conduct the same test specimen for next tests.
  • Editable Report
    • User configurable EXCEL report template.
  • Multi Curve Diagrams
    • Display real-time
    • Rotation / Bolt Force (Clamp Force) Curve
    • Torque / Bolt Force (Clamp Force) Curve
  • Curve Comparison
    • Curve comparison is available upon selection.
  • Part Enlargement
    • Any part of the testing curves can be enlarged for data analysis.

Technical Specifications:



Maximum Torque

500 N.m to 10,000 N.m (upon request)

Torque Measuring Accuracy


Maximum Bolt Force

200kN to 1,000kN (upon request)

Bolt Force Accuracy

± 1%

Rotation Angle Accuracy


Rotation Method

Tight nut/ Tight bolt

Rotation Direction


Nominal Length (l) limit of bolt (figure 1)

Consult Torontech

Humidity Range

10% to 90% non-condensing

Storage Temperature

-40 to +66oC (-40 to +150oF)

Standard Configuration Includes:


Control Unit (Qty: 1)

Servo System (Qty: 1)

Gear Box (Qty: 1)

Load Cell for bolt force (Qty: 1)

Torque Sensor (Qty: 1)

Software (Qty: 1)

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