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Submersible Sewage Pumps - TTAAO-AS-AV

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Submersible Sewage Pumps - TTAAO-AS-AV

Model TTAAO submersible sewage pump is designed and manufactured on the basis of the state-of-art approaches and compliant to the EN standard. This series sewage pump features simple structure, strong sewage drainage, high efficiency and energy-saving and can be fitted with auto-control and auto-erection devices to make the pump operation and more reliable.

1. Using unique great-path open-type impeller`s structure greatly enhances the sewage passing-through ability

2. A special tear-off mechanism is designed especially for this pump series, it can tear off the fibre substances, cut them down and then let them drained successfully, without mounting a filter screen on the pump. It is perfect for transporting sewage containing long fibre substances.

3. Reasonably designed, the small power consumption of the fitted motor and high energy efficiency.

4. Running the mechanical seal inside of the oil chamber can have the pump safely operating over 8000h.

5. Can be used within the full head which ensures the motor will not be overloaded.

6. Safety control is monitoring and will switch off the pump once the overload and water leakage happens, enhancing product safety and reliability.

7. Can be fitted with liquid-level auto-control cabinet upon the requirement, liquid level variation automatically controls the start and stop of the pump.

8. A dual-guide machine auto-coupler (self-coupling) brings great convenience to installation and repair.


This series pump is suitable for the pharmaceutical, papermaking, chemical, coal processing industries, city sewage drainage system etc. to transport the liquids containing solid grains and long fibre substance.

1. The medium temperature which no higher than 60oC, medium density 1000-1310 kg/m, PH value within 5-9.

2. The part of the motor out of water is required to be lower than ½ of the motor

3. The main parts of the pump are made of cast-iron, so it cannot be used to extract high corrosive liquids.