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Standard Chemical Process Pumps

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Standard Chemical Process Pumps

Model TTAAX-SLCZ is single-stage single-suction horizontal centrifugal chemical pump, which is compliant to DIN24256 and ISO2858 standards. The size of the sealing cavity, structure, assistant pipeline system, running interval, bearing allocation, shaft rigidity, control of the materials of the flow-passing parts aspects of TTAAX-SLCZ standard chemical process pump have been improved by referring to the related requirements in API610, to improve both safety and reliability of the pump. For TTAAX-SLCZ standard chemical pump, the range of its performance covers the all performances of IH series chemical pump and its efficiency, cavitation performance and all the other indexes surpass those of TTAAQ-IH pump. There are 40 models, about 300 specifications and 6 kinds of the bearing suspension tackle for this pumps series. It features a classic and reliable structure and a good interchangeability between the parts and can meet performance requirements of various working conditions.


Technical specifications:

Aperture: DN 32-300(350)mm

Flow: up to 2000m3/h

Head|: up to 160m

Working pressure: 2.5MPa

Working temperature: -30-+170oC