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Split Case Fire Pump

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Split Case Fire Pump
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Technical Advantages:

1. The TTABW  series pumps designed for general purposes are made up of double entry, single stage with casings axially split.

2. Mounting arrangements are available in both horizontal and vertical forms.

3. Removal of upper half of the casings allow easy pump inspection, maintenance and removal ofentire rotating elements without disturbing piping or motor and pump alignment.

4. TTABW series are fitted with casing wear rings with impeller wear rings provided on request.

5. TTABW series pumps cover the range from 15 up to 3000 liters/sec with manometric head from 8 to 175 meters.

6. Pumps are assembled for clockwise rotation when seen from drive end. Direction of rotation can be changed optionally.

7. Operating temperature: -10°C up to +120°C. 

8. Shafts of TTABW series pumps supported by 3 heavy duty type bearings bearings.


Tehnical specifications:

According to NFPA20 standard

1. Capacity: up to 3000m3/h

2. Head: up to 220m

3. Speed: up to 3600rpm

4. Power: up to 1500kw

5. Temperature range: within 80oC