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Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

This servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine is ideal for high-capacity tension, compression, bend/flex, and shear testing. It is in accordance with the EN, ISO, ASTM, JIS, GB and many other standards. These frames feature dual spaces so users can quickly change between tension and compression testing without having to remove heavy fixtures.

Torontech is being increasingly recognized as a standard for accuracy, dependability and versatility in servo-hydraulic universal testing machines.


A Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is used to test both the tensile and compressive strength of materials. Universal Testing Machines are named as such because they can perform many different varieties of tests on an equally diverse range of materials, components, and structures. Most UTM models are modular, and can be adapted to fit the customer’s needs.

Universal Testing Machines can accommodate many kinds of materials, ranging from hard samples, such as metals and concrete, to flexible samples, such as rubber and textiles. This diversity makes the Universal Testing Machine equally applicable to virtually any manufacturing industry.

The UTM is a versatile and valuable piece of testing equipment that can evaluate materials properties such as tensile strength, elasticity, compression, yield strength, elastic and plastic deformation, bend compression, and strain hardening. Different models of Universal Testing Machines have different load capacities, some as low as 5kN and others as high as 2,000kN.

ASTM A416 Standard Specification for Steel Wire, Deformed, for Concrete Reinforcement. This specification covers deformed steel wire which has been cold-worked by drawing, rolling, or both drawing and rolling, to be used as produced, or in fabricated form, for the reinforcement of concrete in sizes having nominal cross-sectional areas not less than 6.45 mm2 [0.01 in.2].

Torontech’s High Strength Frame Dual Space Servo Hydraulic UTM TTSH2000 model is used to verify various mechanical properties of:

  • Metal: Pipe, tube, wire, rod, strip, plate and strip
  • Fasteners: Tensile, proof, single and double shear
  • Construction materials: Rebar, wire strand, mesh, folding, compression of concrete and components

Rigid 4-column load frame construction providing superior axial and lateral stiffness and minimum maintenance, low reaction at specimen failure. Chrome plated columns for easy cleaning and longest life.

Extra-length screws and columns, with an adjustable lower crosshead, to increase the available test space for longer test specimens. Double acting crossbeam quickly accommodates specimens of varying lengths. In the case of additional length of columns, the maximum testing space is adjustable to meet extra length specimens.

Fully open front hydraulic wedge grips make it easy to insert and remove specimens for increased productivity and operator safety.  Interchangeable design allows limited number of jaw faces to accommodate a large range of specimen sizes. Fully open front wedge clamps for easier loading and allowing rapid loading and unloading of specimens. Including grip control system mounted direct at the machine Tooling for tension, compression, bend/flex, shear, and other tests available. With digital displacement transducer for the best positioning and measuring accuracy.

ToronSOFT Control Software

ToronSOFT is the software used to control the Universal testing machine. The Tester and the software are designed to accommodate a wide variety of testing needs. The software has a variety of pre-set programmed test cycles for compression, tensile and cyclical testing to meet a variety of testing standards.

A powerful Help wizard helps the operator to set up and connect the accessories in many phases.  Includes installed packages of various test methods according to major national and international reference standards and different types of material to perform the following tests:

  • Traction       
  • Compression                                                             
  • Flexure        
  • Cycles                                                         
  • Spring tests
  • Customize your own tests


This program is complete with a graphic interface for:

The structure of the software is very flexible giving the possibility to personalize the tests, process the results and certificates, and in particular it is possible to:

  • Selection of communication language
  • Setting of test methods
  • Test execution
  • Analysis of the results
  • Printing of the certificates
  • Graphic post-analysis of the tests
  • Statistical analysis of the tests
  • Create custom tests
  • Customise the certificate
  • Print certificate with Company logo
  • Print certificates anytime in future, as a single test as well as summarizing certificate
  • Analyse a test anytime in the future.


Tensile tests at ambient temperature

Compression tests at ambient temperature

Shear Tests

Strand tensile tests


AS 1391

ISO 15630-2



ASTM E 143

ASTM A 416

ASTM A370-07b

ASTM A 706/A,

706M - 6a




ASTM 496

ASTM A185, A185M-07

ASTM A48M-03

EN 10002-1

ISO 4506


BS 5896

ASTM A615, A615M-09

HB 5143

EN 10080




ASTM A82, A82M – 07

ISO 15630-1

JIS Z 2241


Metals & Construction material

Bend Tests

ASTM A185/A185M – 07


ISO 7438


AWS B4.0


Welded fabric

Shear Tests

ASTM E8M – 09

ASTM A82/ A82M

ISO 15630-2

HB 5143

ASTM A370-07b

ASTM A 706/A

ISO 6394

JIS Z 2241

ASTM A185/ A185M

AS 1391 706M - 06a

BS 18


ASTM A615/A615M-09

ASTM A48M-03

EN 10002-1


ASTM A82/ A82M – 07

ISO 15630-1

EN 10080– 07



Tensile tests for bolt

Nut load keeping tests

ASTM F606-07

ISO 898-1

ASTM E290 – 09

ISO 7438

ISO 15630-2

JIS Z 2248

AS 4291.1


ASTM A370-07b

ISO 15630-1

ISO 10065


Cement, concrete and rock

Flexural tests for cement

Compression tests for cement

Flexural tests for concrete


ASTM C349 -08

ASTM C 78 – 07

ASTM C1609 /, C1609M

ASTM C109, C109M – 08

ISO 1920-4

ISO 679

ISO 679


BS EN 196-1

BS EN 196-1






2000 kN

Load Resolution

Capacity/300, 000 (fully auto scaling of single measurement range)


250 mm

Testing Speeds

0.1~70 mm/mi

Adjustable Crosshead Speed

320 mm/mi

Nominal Maximum Specimen Sizes

Diameter of Round Specimens for Tensile Test

Φ8 ~Φ20 mm, Φ20 ~Φ50 mm

Thickness of Flat Specimens for Tensile Test

0 – 40 mm, 20 – 60 mm

Width of Flat Specimens for Tensile Test


Compression Platen Dimensions

300 × 300mm

Load Measurement Accuracy

±0.5% of reading to 1/50 of load weighing system capacity meets or exceeds the requirements of the following standards: ISO 7500-1, EN 10002-2, ASTM E4, JIS B7721

Strain Measurement Accuracy

±0.5% of reading to 1/50 of full scale with most ASTM E83 class B or ISO 9513 class 0.5 extensometers meets or exceeds ASTM E83, ISO 9513, and EN 10002-4.

Speed Accuracy

Set speed<10% Max. Speed: ±1%    Set speed ≥10% Max. speed:±0.5%

Position Measurement Accuracy

±0.5 of reading or 0.001 mm, whichever is greater

Power Supply

Please specify voltage and frequency before placing the order.

Standard optional line to line voltages of three phase power 380Vac, 50-60 Hz,

Power must be free of spikes and surges exceeding 10% of the nominal voltage.

Operating Temperature

0 to +38°C (+32 to +100°F)

Humidity Range

10% to 90% non-condensing

Storage Temperature

-40 to +66°C (-40 to +150°F)


Machine Dimensions



Clearance Between

Grips (H1) Piston Inside

800 mm


Clearance Between Platens   (H2) Piston Inside

700 mm


Clearance Between columns  (W)


Total Height of Load Frame (H)



Load Frame Weight

7000 kg

8000 mm

Load Frame Dimensions

1250 × 900 × 3065mm

1250 × 900 × 3300mm