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Self Suction Non Clogging Sewage Pump

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Self Suction Non Clogging Sewage Pump

This pump features self-suction and non-clogging. Since both pump casing and impeller gear have been redesigned, the pump doesn’t need to be mounted and priming of the leading water is just as simple as the common self-suction pure water pump. The pump can also pump the liquids containing big grains and long fiber impurities. This pump has a simple structure, good self-suction performance, strong sewage draining capacity, high efficiency, easy to use and repair, which is applicable to a wide range of different industries.


Range of application

Suitable for sewage projects in the municipal works, river aquaculture, light industry, paper-making, textile, food, chemical industry, power industry, etc. It is ideal to pump fiber, pulp, mixed and suspended chemical media. For this pump, the ambient temperature should be less than 50 oC, the temperature of the media should be less than 80 oC, which can go up to 200 oC in case the special requirement is needed. The PH value of the media, cast iron 6.9, stainless steel 2.13; the medium gravity should not be over 1240kg/m3. The self-suction height is not over the set value 4.5-5.5m and the length of suck-in pipe 10m. As for the passing capacity, the suspended grains' diameter should be less than 60% of the pump aperture and the long fiber is 5 times that of the pump aperture.