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Sample Divider TT-SD1000 can evenly divide one sample to 6, 8, 10 uniform small samples. Each small sample has the same physical and chemical properties, and each can represent the attributes of the whole batch of samples. Currently, the divider is the most accurate sample dividing devices in the market.

Application Field

Engineering / Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Building materials, Agriculture, Chemical / Synthetic materials, Geological / Metallurgy, Environment / Resources recycling, Glass / Ceramics, Biological, Food

Working Principle

Samples enter a taper-shaped rotating pipe via the feed hopper of the vibratory feeder. The rotating pipe rotates at a constant speed; samples move to the channels under the effect of centrifugal force and be collected inside the containers outside the above channels. The physical and chemical properties of the samples in all containers are the same.


  • Extremely high division accuracy
  • Digital parameters and can be pre-set
  • Maintenance-free
  • Wide range of the sample bottle volume
  • Easy collection and cleaning

Technical Specifications




Sample division, Sample reduction

Application sample

Engineering/electronics, Building materials, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical / Synthetic materials, Metallurgical, Geological / Environment / Resources recycling, Glass/ceramics, Biological, and food

Feed size

≤ 10 mm

Number of divisions

6, 8, 10


0-99 hour, 0-59 min

Speed adjustable

80-120 rpm


100/250/500 ml

Instrument dimensions


Net weight

Approx. 32kg