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Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber

Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber can simulate the marine climate and can be used to test the salt fog resistant performance of materials, products and their coatings. They can also be used to evaluate the quality of the coatings. The interior and exterior sides of the chamber are made of reinforced plastic (or PVC) by compression molding, which are acid-proof, alkali-proof, impact-proof and easy to clean.

Wall-mount spray system can be freely placed without occupying any effective test space. With an imported quartz nozzle, it has the characteristics of smooth interior wall, accurate angle and no crystalline in long-time spraying. Distinctive spring door hinge design makes the chamber door easy to open and close. And there is no leak from the baths around.

  • Equipment structure takes up PVC. It not only has good profile, but also has fine corrosion resistance.
  • It has advanced and innovative control theory, it integrates three control systems of PLC, HMI and SOC in fine way. Control is correct by 100%, and you can experience the novel control feeling;
  • It most powerful and reliable PLC and special modules in the industry circle. 50 programs and 2500 steps are provided for user to make setting/storage and running;
  • It utilizes protection module for safe voltage, the withstand voltage can reach 500V. After energizing the equipment, the equipment will not be burned and it can protect the equipment by 100%.
  • It takes up high-sense FastAIT monitoring and refrigerating system imported and achieves effective control and management for refrigerant volume;
  • It has automatic safety protection switch, which has high sensitivity, can detect any state, cut off protection and give alarm in shortest time and assure safety of the personnel and equipment;
  • Temperature and humidity range: 95~98%RH, the moisture can reach within 80%RH after installing the dehumidifying device;
  • It has air supply and circulating system, which can avoid dead angle of air flow in the chamber and improve the uniformity degree of product temperature and humidity.