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Pulp Pumps - TTAAC

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Pulp Pumps - TTAAC
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Casing: single volue casing with working pressure up to 16bar.

Impeller: fully open, semi-open, three blades for a large open cross section. Six blades for high pressures and low pulsations.

Two wear ring: to pretect the pump casing and casing cover.

Shaft: ensure minor shaft deflection and low mechanical vibrations.



 (NU308E/7308B, NU310E/7310B,NU312E/7312B, NU316E/7316B,NU320E/7320B)


Shaft Seal:


Gland Packing: Need high pressure seal pipe.

Single mechanical seal: can use liquid for the lubrication and cooling.

Cartridge dural mechanical seal/normal dural mechanical seal: need high pressure seal pipe.

Cartridge Single Mechanical seal: need higher pressure 2-3bar than suction pressure of pump



Standard: DIN2501 1.0 Mpa (10bar)

Option: 1.6Mpa (16bar)


Techanical Data:

Flow (max): 3300m3/h                                                  


Speed: 750rpm/990rpm/1450rpm/2900rpm (50Hz)                                           

1750rpm/3500rpm (60Hz)                                      

Temperature: -10℃--120℃                                        

 Operating Pressure: 1.0Mpa to 1.6Mpa

Max Test pressure 2.5Mpa

Max solid contains: <=6%.