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PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine

PET bottle recycling is still an important recycling business in the recycling industry, even if the price of PET raw materials is low. Torontech team has many years of experience in the PET recycling industry worldwide, and our recycling program is designed to reduce operating costs and obtain quality PET flakes.

With long-term experience in manufacturing a large number of recycling equipment, combined with detailed customer feedback on PET bottle cleaning lines, Torontech continues to improve PET recycling solutions, giving customers high-volume and high-quality bottle flakes and low operating cost recycling lines.

Bottle sheet production is suitable for the following applications:

  • Bottle to bottle
  • Bottle to packaging
  • Bottle to fiber
  • Bottle to sheet
Device parameters
SIZE Capacity Motor Power Equipment footprint
TT-AWS-PET10 1000kg/h 220KW 250m2
TT-AWS-PET20 2000kg/h 260KW 350m2
TT-AWS-PET30 3000kg/h 380KW 500m2
TT-AWS-PET40 4000kg/h 500KW 700m2


Unit energy consumption
Content Average energy consumption per ton of bottle
Electricity 70-90KW
Water 1-1.5T
Compressed air 0.5-1m3
Steam (optional) 250-400KG
Detergent (optional) 4-8KG


Bottle quality reference
Description AA Class(ppm) A Class(ppm)
PVC content ≤25 ≤100
PE/PP/colored bottle/metal/other ≤75 ≤100
Total impurity ≤100 ≤200