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PC Strand Deflection Tensile Testing Machine

Deflection Tensile Testing Machine - Servo Hydraulic TT-DTT500-PCStrand

ISO 15630-3


Torontech’s TT-DTT500-PCStrand Deflection Testing Machine is designed for deflected tensile test on wire strand according to ISO 15630-3, this test method is used to determine the reduction coefficient of the maximum force in uniaxial tension due to deviation of 20o around a mandrel.

TT-DTT500-PCStrand is powered with a servo-hydraulic power pack which is controlled with a software for obtaining testing curves and results. Interchangeable triple wedge anchorage for wire strand of different diameters. Calibration of load cell directly done on the machine with load cell calibration set-up. 


Real time display of Load/Stress versus Time/Displacement/Strain curves. Automatic calculation corresponding values of wire strand under deflection tensile test. Servo controlled hydraulic system ensures the high precision Load/displacement/Strain close-loop control as well as low noise.

Interchangeable Mandrels made of tool steel in high hardness. Option of customizing your own test configurations. Self-alignment design on specimen anchorage to ensure high accuracy. Transparent window ensuring operational safety. Patent calibration system is mounted on machine to calibrate not only the load cell but also the whole system without disassembling the load cell from machine.

Technical Parameters




ISO 15630-3


500 kN

Measuring range

20 – 500 kN

Load resolution

15 N

Load accuracy

+ 0.5%

Load measurement accuracy

+ 0.5% of reading to 1/50 of load weighing system capacity, meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO 7500-1, EN 10002-2, ASTM E4, and JIS B7721

Position accuracy

+ 0.5%

Position measurement accuracy

+ 0.01% of reading or 0.0001 mm, whichever is greater

Horizontal span

1750 mm

Loading stroke

200 mm

Loading speed

100 – 5000 N/S

Stress speed

0 – 60 MPa/s

Speed accuracy

Set speed < 0.05% -  Max speed + 1%, Set speed > 0.05% - Max speed + 0.05%

PCStrand Specimen dimensions

Φ12.7 mm, Φ15.2 mm, Φ15.7 mm, Φ17.8 mm

Mandrel dimension

Φ40 mm, Φ49 mm, Φ 59 mm

Power supply


Please specify voltage and frequency before placing the order.

Standard optional voltages 380VAC, 50-60 Hz, Power must be free of spikes and surges exceeding 10% of the nominal voltage.

Operating temperature

0 to +38°C (+32 to +100°F)

Humidity range

10% to 90% non-condensing

Storage temperature

-40 to +66°C (-40 to +150°F)

Machine Dimensions

1800mm x 800 mm x 1300 mm


1000 kg

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