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Optical Fiber Cable Kink Testing Machine

IEC 60794-1-2-E10


Optical Fiber Cable Kink Testing Machine is used to determine the loop diameter at the onset of the kinking of an optical fiber cable in accordance with IEC-60794-1-2-E10.

The sample length shall be sufficient to carry out the specified test. The diameter of the loop shall be reduced to the onset of kinking by pulling slowly on the two ends. The forces at the bottom of the loop shall be applied in one plane. Unless otherwise specified, the conditions for testing shall be in accordance with standard atmospheric conditions. Concluding no kink should occur.



Pulling head stroke

50-500 mm

Pulling speed

0 - 100 mm/s

Transparent cover

1000 x 700 mm

Storage temperature

-40 to + 660 C (-40 to +150°F)

Power supply


Please specify voltage and frequency before placing the order.

Power must be free of spikes and surges exceeding 10% of the nominal voltage)


2100 x 650 x 1925mm