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Optical Fiber Cable Abrasion Testing Machine

IEC-60794-1-2-E2A, IEC-60794-1-2-E2B


The Optical Fiber Cable Abrasion Testing Machine TT- OFCA is designed to determine the ability of an optical fiber cable sheath and markings to resist abrasion.

Securely attach the cable sample, measuring approximately 750 mm in length, to the supporting plate by means of cable clamps. The abrading edge shall be loaded with the mass necessary to provide the force stated in the detail specification whilst avoiding shock on the cable

  • Method E2A: Abrasion Resistance of Optical Fibre Cable Sheaths
  • Method E2B: Abrasion resistance of optical fibre cable markings
    • Method E2B 1: Suitable for rigid marking types like embossing, indenting and sintering
    • Method E2B 2: Applicable to marking types other than embossing, indenting and sintering


TT-OFCA  Series

Abrading stroke for sheath

10 mm (steel needle)

Abrading stroke for markings

Method 1 (steel needle)

Method 2 (wool felt)

40 mm

100 mm

Abrading stroke cycles

1 ~ 9999 times

Abrading frequency

55 ± 5 cycles/min

Diameter of steel needle (Method 1)

1 mm

Mass of weights

Bracket 5N x 2, Mass 5N x 2, Mass 10N x 2

Power supply


Please specify voltage and frequency before placing the order.

Power must be free of spikes and surges exceeding 10% of the nominal voltage)

Working Frame Dimensions (WxDxH) mm

1300 x 650 x 1400