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Non-Seal Self Control Self Suction Pumps

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Non-Seal Self Control Self Suction Pumps

Model TTAAY-SLFZ non-seal self-control self-suction pump is a new product features temperature withstand, pressure withstand, wearability, permanent self-suction after first blow-leading . It is made of cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, reinforced polypropylene etc. and can be offered in 5 different patterns and more than one thousand specifications. TTAAY-SLFZ can be used in a wide range of industries including power generation, chemical industry, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, fire fighting, environmental protection, electric plating, water purification, municipal works, national defense, textile, mining and constructions.


Technical specifications:

Speed 2900rpm or 1500rpm
Aperture of suction: 16-400mm
Aperture of discharge 10-350mm
Head 4-130m

Flow 0.75-2500m3/h
Self-suction depth 2.5-5m
Medium temperature -40-80oC
Ambient temperature 40oC
Working pressure 1.6MPa