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X-Ray Pipe Line Crawling systems for a leading Oil Piping Company

X-Ray Pipe Line Crawling system

X-Ray Pipe Line Crawling systems is an important instrument used to detect the quality of welding in long-distance pipelines. Finding porosity and cracks in pipes made of different materials is one the most important task of the pipeline inspector in the oil and gas industry.

There are several methods for finding these flaws, and we recently delivered state of the art system will help A leading Oil Piping Company in KUWAIT and UAE to accurately detect these issues.

ToronX Series is one of the best X-Ray Pipeline Crawler series that can be found on the market. All models come with the four-wheel-drive system that allows the TTXRC crawlers can climb up to 40°. It can be used in all kinds of pipeline construction such as petroleum, natural gas, water or even slurry pipeline construction

Using this device the customer can easily and efficiently maintain the safety and security of oil pipelines, companies need to be able to assess the quality of welding in pipelines in real-time to pre-emptively identify any possible issues. It is reliable in even the harshest environments, measuring pipeline integrity precisely through high-quality radiographic tests and accurate imaging capabilities

Easy to start, ensures accurate positioning at the same time as well as extends equipment life. KV regulating function in the X-Ray generator detects the cracks in different wall thicknesses. Adjustable exposure time. Automated warning signals or over current, high pressure, low battery, water contact, obstruction, etc. 

The system is extremely reliable has a very rugged and easy to maintain construction/ design providing a long product life with no major issues.