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Torontech is pleased to introduce its Atomic Absorption Spectrometer 2000

Torontech AAS Atomic Absorption Analyzer 2000

Torontech’s Atomic Absorption Spectrometer 2000 is ideal for assessing the chemical elements within metal samples. Accounting for more than 70 elements, our Spectrometer enables companies to analyze a wide variety of solid and liquid metals for elements including As, Hg, Si, Cr, Ni, and many more.

The Atomic Absorption Spectrometer 2000 uses flame absorption and emission techniques with a high degree of accuracy. Our Spectrometer is equipped with eight automatic light stands, which are integrated with a floated optical platform that improves shock resistance and stabilizes the optical signal.

Meeting several international standards including shore/IRHD Hardness, ASTM, and ISO, the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer 2000 is built to adhere to the highest safety standards. The system automatically shuts off the flow of gas in case of insufficient pressure, power outage, flameout, or unconformity of the burner to maintain operator safety at all times.  

With fully automated wavelength scanning and peak searching, the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer 2000 is one of the best solutions available on the market. For more information, please see visit our website.