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Torontech Optical Fiber Cable Testing Machines

Optical Fiber Cable Testing Equipment

Optical fiber cables are used extensively in important industry applications all over the world, from telecommunications to the medical sector, but their quality can be reduced by flaws in production, transportation, and even rough handling. To ensure that companies have access to the highest quality optical fiber, Torontech offers a variety of state-of-the-art testing machines to assess the entire lifecycle of these essential cables and guarantee their performance over time.

  • The Optical Fiber Cable Repeated Bending Testing Machine is used to determine the ability of a fiber optic cable to withstand repeated bending—known as ‘cyclic flexing’—without crushing the optical fibers or inducing optical loss. This machine bends a cable sample backwards and forwards at an angle of 180°, while also subjecting it to a tensile load. 
  • The Optical Fiber Cable Torsion Testing Machine is used to determine the ability of optical fiber cable to withstand mechanical twisting, at torsion angles of 90°, 180°, and 360°. Operating at an efficient rate of 5-30 cycles per minute, this machine is specially designed in accordance with IEC-60794-1-2-E7 Technical Specifications.
  • The Optical Fiber Cable Tensile and Crush Tester employs a bidirectional moving crosshead that can be used to perform both tension and compression tests on optical cables. It also has an extensometer, which is used to measure the elongation strain for optical cable under tension, and can apply crushing force uniformly over a 100 mm length of the sample.

Torontech is committed to providing testing machines to international labs and manufacturers that meet the most stringent industry standards. Recently, Torontech delivered several optical fiber testing machines to a large, long-term project in Asia, supporting an industry-leading material testing lab in conducting vital research in Central Asia.

At Torontech, we are boldly pursuing new opportunities to provide the very best quality control equipment to different parts of the world. For more information about our optical fiber testing machines, please visit here or call us at +1 416 368 2721.