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Explained: Plastic Recycling Equipment


With increasing concerns of plastic pollution around the world, plastic recycling is no longer limited to a niche section of the manufacturing industry or environment-friendly communities. Today, product manufacturers and governments alike are investing heavily in plastic recycling. Torontech continues to work closely with our partners to develop and implement advanced plastic recycling processes to meet unique requirements.

Traditionally, plastic recycling was limited to recovering manufacturing scraps leftover from industrial processes. Present-day recycling includes post-consumer goods as well. The methods employed by recycling systems tend to vary according to the type of plastic being processed, but there are some essential processes common to most recycling services. Stages such as sorting, cleaning, size reduction, separation, and pelletizing can be found in most plastic recycling operations. Likewise, the machinery used to achieve these processes generally falls into a handful of equipment categories:

Plastic Shredding Machines:

These machines are designed to meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries. The input materials can be various kinds of plastics, such as block plastic, pipe, film, woven bag and other general waste recycling; such as cable and ICB electronic waste recycling; recycling of household garbage from paper, wood and other organic
materials. There are a wide variety of recyclable materials. Some materials can be directly recycled after being shredded, and some can be transported to GH series shredder for further refinement. Click here to learn more

Cutter Compactor Recycling Pelletizing System:

The compacting and pelletizing system combines the function of crushing, compacting, plasticization and pelletizing to one single step. Applied in the plastic recycling and pelletizing process, the system is a reliable and efficient
solution for plastics film, raffias, filaments, bags, woven bags and foaming materials re-
pelletizing. Click here to learn more

Waste Recycling Crusher:

These machines are designed to meet the requirements for waste recycling of various thick-walled resins, wood, aluminum foil films, films, sheets, spheres, tubular structures or hollow containers. The conveyor belts, ventilators, storage bins and dust collection systems are more conducive to higher yields. Click here to learn more

Plastics Washing Recycling Machine:

Plastic washing systems operate with a rotated auger and spray, to remove of high loads of contamination prior to friction washing. Friction washing uses a high-pressure spray, impinging on the surface of the plastic as it is transferred up an incline conveyor. These machines can be used for plastic films, plastic bags and bottles. Click here to learn more

Besides the above-mentioned machines, Torontech also supports various unique requirements our clients may have. Our range of machinery is highly customizable and our team of experts go above and beyond to ensure value delivery.

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