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Multistage Centrifugal Pump (API) - TTAAI

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Multistage Centrifugal Pump (API) - TTAAI

Compliant to ISO 2858, API 682 standards. TTAAI-OJD series pump is a horizontal multi-stage single-suction centrifugal pump with a sectional and radial split structure. It has self-centering radial sliding bearings or thrust bearing and comes with either a water cooling or fan cooling system. It uses a balance drum to balance axial force, and labyrinth seal to restrict leakage. The pump coupling adopts slice coupling and the bearing casing is designed to bear pressure up to15MPa and temperature up to180oC. Various hydraulic model designs will ensure the pump operates highly efficient. The suction type and first stage impeller have improved the anti-cavitation ability for the pump. The flexibility of the inlet and outlet arrangement makes it easier to satisfy various requirements from customers. The seal pattern adopts a cartridge seal. The designs of the sealing, flushing and cooling auxiliary systems are compliant to API682 standard and can be provided according to different operating temperatures and media. The new design abandoned the non-integrated structure of 171 mechanical seals and freshly added shaft sleeve of mechanical seal, front cover plate and snap ring. The 171A mechanical seal is compliant to API 682 standard. 


Technical data:

Heaad: 100-1200m
Capacity: 10-500m3/h
Temperature: -80oC--180oC
Max operating pressure: 15Mpa