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Low Noise Centrifugal Pump

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Low Noise Centrifugal Pump

The low-noise centrifugal pumps are new products made through a long-term development and according to the requirement to the noise in the environmental protection of the new century and, as their main feature, the motor uses water-cooling instead of the air-cooling,which reduces the energy loss of the pump and the noise, really an env i ronment al protection energy-saving product of new generation.

It includes four kinds:

Model TTABD-SLZ vertical low-noise pump;

Model TTABD-SLZW horizontal low-noise pump;

Model TTABD-SLZD vertical low-speed low-noise pump;

Model TTABD-SLZWD horizontal low-speed low-noise pump;

For TTABD-SLZ and TTABD-SLZW,the rotating speed is 2950rpm and,of the range of performance,the flow 300m3/h and the head 150m.

For TTABD-SLZD and TTABD-SLZWD, the rotating speed is 1480rpm and 980rpm,the flow 1500m3/h,the head 80m.