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Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine for Overhead Conductors

Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine for Overhead Conductors - TT-HTTM

ASTM B524 / B524M, ASTM B711, IEC 60794-4, IEE 1138, IEC 61089, HD-626-S1


TT-HTTM Series of Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine is designed specifically for tensile testing of overhead conductors. These test frames use a horizontal test opening to accommodate long specimens and high elongation demands.

These test frames are powered by ball screws for high strength testing and can be customized in length to meet a variety of application requirements as well as the grips can be modified to accommodate different shaped specimens and alternate grips can be provided for customers to interchange as and when their test requirements change.

PC-based machine control software provided with the machine is upgraded to include data acquisition and data analysis.


  • Large effective bed clearance enables testing of a wide range of specimens, full length specimens, sling construction, high capacity specimens.
  • An adjustable carriage is provided supported on free moving rollers for easy placement of the carriage appropriate to the nominal test specimen length.
  • Main frame compressing of steel section side frames cross braced and featuring location points for moving carriage at incremental positions along the bed.
  • Built-in self-calibration structure enables customer to calibrate the load cell on machine instead of removing load cell to another machine for calibration.
  • Frames, fixtures and strain measurement devices can be designed & manufactured to accommodate many types of products that require tensile tests; piston head and cylinder ends fitted with low friction seals.
  • Machine is fully guarded by fixed plates at base of bed and manually operated, hinged guards at top of bed section.
  • Loading accuracy well within ±1%, small capacity within ±0.5%.
  • Torontech’s state of the art electronics and software guarantees high performance and accuracy.
  • Patent integrated load cell calibration system can calibrate load cell without removing it from machine and calibrate the whole machine instead of independent load cell.
  • Fully auto control combined with manual control ensure machine in control as when one control mode is not available.
  • Load capacity up to 20MN (2000tons).
  • Frames can be customized in length to meet a variety of application requirements.

Technical Specifications





Test Type

Creep Type

Tensile Type

Test Stations



Loading Stroke

1500 mm

Distance between Fixtures



Load Capacity




Accuracy Class (ISO 7500-1)



Load Measuring Range

0.4% to 100% F.S

Load Indication Accuracy

± 0.5%

Load Resolution

± 500,000 steps (no range switching)

Extensometer Measuring Range

1 to 5 m

1 to 1.2m

Extensometer Accuracy

± 0.5%

Extensometer Resolution


Displacement Accuracy

± 0.5%

Displacement Resolution


Load Control Rate

0.05% to 10% F.S./s

Load Control Accuracy

± 0.5%

Moving Speed Range

0.005 to 500mm/min

0.005 to 250mm/min

Internal Width


Dimensions (L × W × H)

1680 × 120 × 70cm

55.1 × 3.9 × 2.3 ft.

1400 × 150 × 70cm

45.9 × 4.9 × 2.3 ft.

Standard Configurations

  • Main Unit
  • Main frame
  • Ball Screw Driving System
  • Guards
  • Foundation Blocks
  • Shock Resistance Pads × 20Pcs (Creep only)
  • Climate Chamber ×1 (Creep only)
  • Power-off Protection System ×1(Creep only)
  • Control Unit
  • Servo System
  • Load Cell
  • Pulling Head
  • Computer
  • ToronSOFT
  • Laser Printer
  • Extensometer
  • Spares

Power Supply

  • Standard optional voltages 3Phase, 380V AC, 50-60 Hz.
  • Power must be free of spikes and surges exceeding 10% of the nominal voltage.
  • Power supply system is completely customizable

Operating Temperature

-40 to +66oC (-40 to +150oF)

Humidity Range

10% to 90% non-condensing

Accessories for TT-HTTM-100 (Creep Type)

Power-off Protection System


25kW, Retain 10min after power-off

Power Generating Set

Diesel Power Generating Set

Climate Chambers

Temperature Setting Range

10  to 35oC

Temperature Fluctuation

≤ 2oC/h