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Horizontal multistage pumps

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Horizontal multistage pumps
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Hydraulic Model: each type has two or three hydraulic models, the best choice can be assured according to the working condition

Balance structure: adopt the balancing drum structure, balance the axial force.

Barrel: double-shell structure, pull-out type design, inside the shell is a sectional multi-stage centrifugal pump, the barrel is centerline mounted, with a position hole at the bottom of the barrel. The barrel can be forged in high-pressure working condition (more than 15Mpa)

Support: rigidity shaft, heavy working condition of bearing capacity of bearing design. Ring lubrication of roller bearing with water cooling or forced circulation lubrication of the sliding bearing.

Nozzle: same pressure levels for suction pipe and discharge pipe, vertical layout, the nozzle load is according to standard API 610.

Shaft Seal: the size for seal chamber is according to API 682 standard, with cartridge mechanical seal, single or double, shaft seal only bearing the suction pressure

Pumps rotation is clockwise viewed from motor end



Carbon Steel, Chrome Steel, Chrom-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel.

Material Standard of API 610: S-5,S-6,C-6,A-7,A-8,D1-D-2

Other materials can be used according to the fluid specification.


Advantage comparing with type BB4

Technology advantage compared with sectional multistage BB4 centrifugal pumps:

Can bear a higher pressure, only the outer barrel and motor cover bear the discharge pressure, sectional inner shell can bear the difference of pressure, to avoid the leak between the segments, Have reliable bearing spacer between the pump cover and casing.

To avoid the thermal shock and high-temperature deformation, the inner shell is soaked into the medium completely, heated with rotor uniformly, the pump shape will not be deformed, the pump can start directly without pre-heating in high temperature.

Easy to disassemble and maintenance, pull-out design structure, inner shell, and rotor parts can all be pulled out, not necessary to remove the suction and discharge pipe.

Good Safety, when transporting the dangerous medium, due to having the outer shell structure, the leakage ways and leakage possibilities can be reduced.


Performance Range:

Dimension DN:40-200mm

Capacity: Q:--700m3/h

Head: H—2200M

Pressure: P:--25MPa

Temperature: T: 80---450 Celsius Degree