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Horizontal Centrifugl Pump

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Horizontal Centrifugl Pump - TTABC
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Product Overview

TTABC-SLW series single-stage end-suction horizontal centrifugal pumps are designed on the basis of SLS series vertical centrifugal pumps with the performance parameters identical to those of SLS series and in accordance with the requirements of ISO 2858. SLW Series is divided into basic type, flow-expansion type, ABC cutting type with more than 250 specifications to meet different requirements. The flow is ranging from 1.9-2400m3/h while the head falls within 4.5-160m range. Based on the  different media and temperatures applied to the system, model TTABC-SLWR hot-water pump, mode TTABC-SLWH chemical pump, model TTABC-SLWY oil pump and model TTABC-SLWHY horizontal anti-explosion chemical pump products can be selected based on different material selections .

Features of product

1. Compact structure. These series pumps have an integrally Horizontal structure. The land occupation, if compared with regular horizontal centrifugal pumps, is reduced by 30%.

2. Stable operation, low noise, high concentricity of assembly. By the straight joint between the motor and the pump, the middle structure is simplified, thus enhancing the running stability, which minimizes the vibration during running.

3. A mechanical seal of anti septic carbide alloy is used for the shaft sealing to avoid serious leakage when filling centrifugal pumps and ensure the operation environment clean.

4. Convenient service. Service can be easily done without removing any pipeline because of the back-opened structure.

5. Viewing from the inlet of the pump, the outlet of it can be mounted in one of the three ways, horizontally leftward, vertically upward and horizontally rightward.

Working conditions  

1. Maximum working pressure of pump is 1.6MPa, which means the pressure at the suction + the head≤ 1.6MPa. The pressure in static test is 2.5MPa, please notify if the working pressure is higher than 1.6MPa for us to select proper cast steel material for the over-flow and joint parts when ordering.

2. Proper medium: the media for pure-water pumps should contain no corrosive liquid and the volume of non-melting medium solid should not be over 0.1% of the media volume and the graininess should be less than 0.2mm. Please notify at order if the media contains small grain.

3. Ambient temperature should not be over 40oC and the installation altitude should less than 1000m above the sea level with no more than 95% of the relative humidity.