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Gelatin Capsule Hardness Tester

The Gelatin Capsule Hardness Tester is a microcomputer-controlled hardness tester. Designed for determination of the hardness and resistance on flexible materials such as gelatin, gelatin capsules, play dough, etc. Automatically identification of the measuring range 0 - 2 N or 0 - 20 N and measuring time, data output, connecting cable.

The unique design and digital measuring systems ensure that a very high measuring precision is obtained. An automatic measurement for hardness test on gelatin capsules is required to obtain optimum accuracy and repeatability. During the measurement cycle, the test anvil attaches the surface of the specimen before the spring power is applied. Therefore, the most reliable measurement on parts with a convex or concave surface is guaranteed.

The modular construction of the Gelatin Capsule Hardness Tester

With the lastly developed plug-in system, the measuring devices are plugged into the pick-up bracket. Hereby of the measuring system and the adjustment of measuring distance is recognized automatically.

Advantages of Gelatin Capsule Hardness Tester

  • The electronic unit provides a clear display of measured value, navigation menu and Data Output.
  • Easy to use with limited operator influence to guarantee accurate and repeatable hardness test results.
  • Reading in the display gives assistance for the correct selection of the measuring device during your measurement when the measured value is above or below the limit value.
  • USB-interface for data transfer.
  • Modular, digital hardness testing system.
  • Automatic identification of the measuring range and of the measuring time.
  • Integratable in an automatic production process.
  • Hysteresis function

A complete Hardness Tester consists of:

  • Gelatin Capsule Hardness Tester Test Stand
  • Gelatin Capsule Hardness Tester Electronic Control Box 
  • Gelatin Capsule Hardness Tester Pick-up Bracket 

A selection of one or both of the below:

  • Gelatin Capsule Hardness Tester Measuring Device 0-20N 
  • Gelatin Capsule Hardness Tester Measuring Device 0-2N 

Accessories for the Gelatin Capsule Hardness Tester:

  • Centering device for the exact centering of Gelatin capsules
  • Rotating Template for centering device for different size gelatin capsules
  • Software data logging, data management, and statistical evaluation software
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