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Gas Chromatograph TT-GC9000

Gas chromatography carries out the quantitative analysis and peculiar smell testing for residual solvent on food packaging cases after printing. It also tests the pureness and quality of organic solvents.

  • Best quality/price ratio
  • Integrated design, easy to install and maintain
  • Chromatogram data work station connection capability
  • FID detector
  • Wide column box (300×300×200mm)
  • Low noise function
  • Rapid vaporizing and column sample injection modes
  • CO and CO2 microanalysis with integrating optional reforming furnace.
  • Microchip controlled temperature rise
  • Built-in computer, user interface displays data of various temperatures
  • Column box temperature control +10°C - 400°C,
  • Eight-step temperature rise
  • Temperature increase speed: 0 - 30°C/min,  (increase 0.1°C/min)
  • Eight A type control points
  • Overheat protection function

Sample of gas, liquid or solid is processed and passes through vaporizing chamber, brought to chromatographic column separation system. Carried by nitrogen, the sample mixture passes and contacts the chromatographic column, and the composition components of the mixture are separated by chromatographic column. Then every separated component is brought to the detector system, and transformed by the detector to equivalent electronic signal, which is collected and recorded as data, so as to make qualitative and quantitative analysis of the components of the sample mixture. 

Hydrogen Flame Ionization Detector (FID):

  • Sensitivity: Mt≤1×10-11 g/s (palmityl)
  • Shift: ≤0.02mv/h
  • Temperature Range: Room temperature+10℃ ~ 400℃
  • Temperature Accuracy: ≤0.1℃
  • Temperature Speed: 0.1~40℃/min


Thermal Conductivity Detector


Hydrogen Flame Ionization Detector


Electronic Capture Detector


Flame-Photometric Detector


Nitrogen and Phosphorous Detector (NPD)


S≥ (benzene), baseline shift

≤60 μV /0.5h

M≤1×10-11    g/sec (Palmityl), baseline shift

≤1 x 10-12 A/0.5h

M≤2×10-13g/ml (r-666)

Ms≤5×10-11g/sec (Thiophene)








≤1×10-13 A