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Fast Mill – TT-FM-1000 applies to a wide range of samples such as chemicals, drugs, seasoners, synthetic resin, coal, plastics, agentia raw materials, finished drugs, fertilizers, foods and so on. Based on its efficient grinding technology and diversified accessories, TT-FM-1000 can guarantee moderate sample preparation in instantaneous time. Fast Mill TT-FM-1000 can realize two-stage crushing for samples with the rotor and ring sieves.

Product Application

Application Field: Dry grinding, fine grinding, cryogenic grinding

Sample: soft, medium-hard, brittle, fibrous sample

Application Sample: Agriculture, Environment, Soil, RoHS, Chemical, Plastic, Medicine, Animal Food, Grain, Dry plant and so on.

Working Principle

From the feed entry, samples are pretreated through the primary crushing of a rotating knife and then move outward between the rotating knife and ring grizzle under the action of centrifugal force. They will go through secondary crushing by squeezing, cutting and friction. If sizes of samplers are smaller than the diameter of the ring grizzle, they will enter the collection device, through the secondary grinding of rotating knife and ring grizzle system it ensures the instrument to carry out the mild and efficient sample preparation in a very short time.


  • The final sample size is less than 100μm
  • low noise, reliable operation, easy to clean
  • touch control panel, convenient and quick
  • Dual-stage type rotor screen system to complete mild and fast crushing

Technical Specifications



Fine grinding

Sample characteristics

soft, medium, hard, brittle, and fibrous

Sample size

less than 10 mm

Final sample size

less than 100μm


Adjustable, digital

Optional ring sieve

0.20, 0.50, 1.0, 2.0 mm

Receiving tank volume: standard collection plate

no more than 500 ml; Can be equipped with cyclone separator

Motor speed

6000-18000 r/min; continuously adjustable

Rotor peripheral velocity

29.83-99.43 m/s

The diameter of the rotary blade

95 mm

Instrument Dimensions

48x40x48 cm

Shipping Dimensions

62x60x60 cm

Net Weight

34 kg

Gross Weight

40 kg


Diversified Accessories


The rotor has 3 kinds, 24 teeth, 12 teeth, and 6 teeth, which can be used respectively for fine sample, general sample, or particularly rough of the crushing of the sample.

Ring Sieves

Finally, the sample fineness can be decided by different aperture ring sieve. Reinforcement ring sieve can extend the service life of sieve. All the rotor and the ring sieve material have stainless steel and the heavy-metal-free titan sets to be chosen.