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Electro-Mechanical Operating Table - ToronSurge 1000 Plus


  • High-quality poly surface for decubitus prevention, removable, washable, impermeable
  • Kidney bridge up
  • Backlit display indicating status information, e.g. currently chosen position, and status of battery charging, it also ensures a safe and easy handling even in the dark operation room.
  • Additional control at the bottom also is with backlit
  • Stainless steel inlay plates
  • Diam 125mm castors with locking, universal castors
  • Many selections of accessories, extensions, and positioning aids
Total length (with additional footplate) 2200mm
Total width: 600 mm
Net Width: 555mm
Length of Head section: 300mm
Length of Back section: 380mm
Length of Main section: 1080mm
Length of Leg section: 580mrn
Supporting bottom: 910x625x140mm
Height adjustment range: 700-1000mm
Kidney support up: 120mm
Movement backward to forward: 350mm
Back section up: 70 degree
Back section down: 22 degree
Trendelenburg: 30 degree
Anti-Trendelenburg: -30 degree
Lateral adjustment: 22 degree
Leg section inclination: +15degree till -90degree
Spread angle of leg plates: 100 degree
Head section inclination: +45degree till -90degree
Net weight of overall table: 280 kgs
Patient horizontal max load: 300 kgs
Max load weight: 320 kgs