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With the rapid development of science and technology, DNA detection and polymer analysis are becoming more and more important. In order to maintain the original components and biological information of samples, it is necessary to adopt low-temperature pulverization. CryoGrinder chills the sample in liquid nitrogen and pulverizes them with a magnetically driven impactor. The sample becomes brittle and the volatile components are preserved under the low temperature so that a good grinding effect can be achieved.

Suitable samples include polymers, rubber, textile materials, grain particles, hair, nails, skin, bones, muscle tissue, etc. A strong electromagnetic impact force ensures the effectiveness of grinding. The automatic control function of liquid nitrogen content avoids the contact and danger of the manual operation. CryoGrinder can also be used in dry grinding at normal temperature, so it is an ideal instrument for processing heat-sensitive samples, biochemical DNA/RNA analysis and various sample grinding.



It is applied to samples with strong toughness and thermal sensitivity that are difficult to be ground and crushed at room temperatures, such as rubber, plastic, food, mineral, animal and plant tissue analysis, drug, biochemical DNA detection, cell disruption and other fields.

  • Electromagnetic vibration impact guarantees fast grinding speed, high precision, good uniformity and repeatability;
  • The liquid nitrogen automatic filling system automatically supplement the liquid nitrogen consumed in the process of sample freezing and grinding to ensure the stability and safety;
  • Industrial touch screen control panel, impact frequency, pre-cooling time, impact grinding time, cycle grinding times can be set, easy to operate and reliable;
  • Safety design: when the cover of the instrument is open, the instrument cannot be started; Only when the instrument cover is closed and locked can the instrument be started;
  • Streamlined and ergonomic design, simple and convenient operation

Size reduction is taken place by electromagnetic oscillation impact. The sample and the metal impactor are loaded into the grinding jar together. The grinding jar is sealed with plug head by the two ends and put into the electromagnetic vibration drum coil. Electromagnetic coil with grinding jar immersed in liquid nitrogen to be pr-cooled. The whole grinding process is carried out in liquid nitrogen (-196 ℃). The magnetic force generated by the coil drives the impactor to move horizontally, thus continuously impact on then grind the sample that has been frozen and embrittled.

Dimensions 520×450×450 mm( Width×depth×height)
Rated power 450W
Impact frequency 5-15Hz   Continuous adjustable
Liquid nitrogen filling system Manual/ automatic optional
Grinding chamber 200ml
Pre-cooling chamber 200ml
Batch capacity 0.1-100g
The shortest pre-cooling time 4.5min
Single grinding time 2min
Grinding jars 4groups(4×3=12pieces)jars of 3ml/4 jars of 20ml /one jar of 100ml/one jar of 200ml

Various specifications of grinding jar and impactor, suitable for a wider range of applications

Provide different size grinding jars, satisfy the requirement of hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle, elastic, fiber samples grinding.