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Condensate Pump

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Condensate Pump
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TTAAS-LDTN condensate pump are used for pumping water condensation from condensers of thermal (nuclear) plant, also can be used for pumping other media has similar characteristic to water. Its range of performance are as follows: TTAAS-LDTN condensate pumps are vertical muilt-stage columnar pumps, suction and discharge nozzles are respectively arranged on the barrel and discharge seat and both can be altered to 180o, 90o or other degrees; the impeller is closed. The pump has water-lubrication berings to bear redial thrust of rotor. Axial thrust of rotor is balanced by thrust bearing or motor. Pump rotor and line shaft are connected by cutting columnar coupling, pump rotor and motor shaft are connected by cylinder pin coupling. Shaft seal is soft-packing, the mechanical seal can be assembled according to special requirements.