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Boiler Water supply pump

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Boiler Water supply pump
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TTAAP-DG horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump is a perfect fit for pure water transportation (with foreign matter content less than 1% and grain size less than 0.1mm) and other liquids of which the physical and chemical natures are similar to pure water.
TTAAP-DG middle and low-pressure boiler water supply pump is applicable to transport hot water and medium that have similar characteristics to hot water with temperature no higher than 105oC.
TTAAP-DG hypo-high-pressure boiler water supply pump is applicable to transport hot water and medium that has similar characteristics to water with temperature no higher than 160oC.

For this series horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump, both ends are supported. The casing is connected to and actuated by a motor via a resilient clutch and the rotating direction is clockwise if the view from the actuating end. The pump is consisted of a suck-in section, middle-section, spitting section, guide vane, packing etc., which are linked together by a take-up bolt, with both suck-in and spitting mouths vertically upward. The whole rotor is supported by the roller bearings or sliding bearings on both ends of the shaft and the bearings are lubricated with grease or 20 engine oil. Bearing portion The joint-part between suction section, intermediate section and discharge section is coated with molybdenum disulfide lubricating grease as seal. Rotor and fixed parts will are sealed by seal ring, guide-vane jacket and packing. The packing tensile degree of shaft seal should be proper and seep should be feasible. The seal ring and guide vane jacket should be replaced if they are too worn to be used. There is spare shaft sleeve near shaft seal to protect shaft of pump. When temperature of the liquid transferred is above 80 oC, cooling water should be filled to the water cooling packing gland and shaft seal cooling chamber. Cooling water should be clean water. The pressure of water should be 1.5-3Kg/cm2. The positions of cooling water pipe joints are different for various kind of water pump. Please refer to construction drawing of pump for axial position, and refer to chart 1 for radial position. Shaft seals are classified as packing seal and mechanical seal. The water supply of packing seal is softened water, with pressure of 2-3kg/cm2. The flushing water of mechanical seal is softened water, the pressure of which should be 3kg/cm2 higher than the inlet pressure.