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ToronComfort™ 1000 series has an attractive and ergonomic design, fully engineered to provide comfortable positions for women in childbirth.

Very sturdy construction of ToronComfort™ 1000 series ensures safety and ease of use.

This fully equipped bed serves as Birthing Table at the same time its positions are adjustable to find most comforting position for the patient. 


  • Delivery Bed – ToronComfort™ 1000 designed to provide comforting environment for the patient.
  • It’s very sturdy construction ensures safety and ease of use.
  • Electromechanical drives operate with very low noise, high reliability and very low maintenance requirements.
  • Top section of the bed includes back section, seat section, legs, table top surface covers, accessories side rails and mattress.
  • Lower sections include base, fixed and moveable columns, base and columns covers and electrical system.
  • It has three positioning functions of up & down, trendelenburg, and back section.
  • All positioning functions are activated electrically.
  • Lightweight user friendly control panel for electrical adjustments.
  • Very low minimum height of 620 mm provides easy access to the bed.
  • The integrated weight compensation by gas springs facilitates manual adjustment of footrest by just pulling a lever.
  • The footrest easily rotates and hides under the seat section of the bed.
  • Leg holders articulate in numerous different positions for optimal support and comfort of the patient.
  • Pads are easily removable to facilitate cleaning.
  • Four lockable, easy-glides, swivelling castors ensure mobility and safety.
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested according to international standard.
  • Optional mattress colors available.