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Benchtop Environmental Chamber

Benchtop Environmental Chamber is able to simulate a wide range of temperature and humidity environments, that temperatures ranging from -86°C to +150°C and humidity range from 20% to 98% RH. Torontech can also offer you the best solutions based on your own requirements.


Benchtop Environmental Chamber is widely used in testing various types of materials for their tolerances of heat, cold, dry and humidity. It is designed for quality inspection for all types of electronic products, electric appliance, and products from communication, instruction, automobile, plastic, metal, food, and chemical, building materials, medical and aerospace industries. Unique design with high-quality material, whether you’re testing aerospace products, electronic instrumentation, materials, electrical and electronic products and various electronic components, our High low alternating temperature and humidity test chamber can give you a perfect solution.

Test Area

  • Material of the test cabinet is high quality SUS304 stainless steel.
  • Test hole, sealed with silicone screw plug.
  • Temperature sensor Pt100 platinum
  • Humidity sensor dry and wet bulb
  • 2 pieces of adjustable and removable shelves

Air Circulation

  • Air circulation fans in the workroom of the chamber.
  • The real wall of test area equipped with chip-type wind board. Air flowing from top of wind board which control air direction return to air inlet to achieve air circulation.

Cooling System

  • Mechanical compression refrigeration system
  • Refrigerating unit is French TECUMSEH compressor.
  • Two cascade compressor
  • Environment friendly refrigerant R404a for first stage,
  • R23 for the second stage

Humidity System

  • External isolation, stainless steel surface evaporation humidifier
  • Automatic water supply

Control Panel

  • PLC controller
  • Programmable color display touch screen controller.
  • Programs reach to 999 groups and 999 sections
  • RS-232 interface, PC Link, LAN network

Safety Protection

  • Over temperature protection
  • Water shortage protection
  • Humidifier dry combustion protection
  • Refrigerant high pressure protection
  • Over current protection
  • Earth leakage protection