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Axial Flow Pump, Mixed Flow Pump

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Axial Flow Pump, Mixed Flow Pump
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TTAAW-QZ series axial-flow pumps TTAAW-QH series mixed-flow pumps are designed by adopting new modern technology. The capacity of new pumps from this series are 20% higher than that of old ones. The efficiency is 3-5% higher than the old ones.

TTAAW-QZ QH series pump with adjustable impellers offers high capacity, large head, high efficiency, and wide application.

A:pump station is small in scale, the installation is simple. This can save 30%-40% for the capital cost.

B: It is easy to install, maintain and repair.

C: low noise and long life span.

The material of the series of TTAAW-QZ QH can be selected from cast iron

ductile iron, copper or stainless steel.


Applications: water supply in cities, diversion works, sewage drainage system, sewage disposal project.

The medium for pure-water should be no higher than 50oC