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At Torontech our quality and variety of products support many industries. Our advantage is sustainable growth in our product lines and providing the best products. We currently offer a wide range of Pharmaceutical testers that fully satisfies pharmaceutical functionality as well as cost savings.

Available Products

2 Parameter Tablet Hardness Tester

To ensure that pharmaceutical pills and tablets have the ideal casing, a tablet hardness tester is required to accurately analyze the mechanical integrity of a tablet.

Gelatin Capsule Hardness Tester

The Gelatin Capsule Hardness Tester is a micro computer controlled hardness tester.

2 Station Semi Automatic Park Out Disintegration Tester

Torontech offers wide range of Pharmaceutical testing instruments such as Disintegration Testers

Leak tester - ToronPharma-LT101P

Torontech offers a wide range of Pharmaceutical testing instruments such as Leak tester - ToronPharma-LT101P

Tap Density Tester | Torontech

Tap Density Tester USP Method 1 and 2 – ToronPharma - TD1020 complies with USP and ASTM specifications

Friability Tester

Dual Drum Friability Tester complies with USP, IP, Ph. Eur. specifications

Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker | Torontech

Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker - ToronPharma - MS8 is ideal for particle size analysis and separation

Manual Powder Flow Tester

Manual Powder Flow Tester (EFT) complies with Ph. Eur. specifications

Auto Video Melting Point Apparatus

Torontech’s series of TT-MPA Automatic Video Melting Point Apparatus perfectly integrate video technology into melting point measuring.

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