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ToronTech™ manufactures and services a wide range of advanced materials testing instruments, such as electromechanical & servo-hydraulic universal testing machines and accessories, ranging from 2kN to 3,000kN. Our universal testing machines evaluate the mechanical properties of materials and components using tension, compression, flexure, and fatigue tests and are used for R&D and quality assurance in many diverse industries and educational institutes. Torontech also offers a broad range of service capabilities, including calibration, technical support, training and assistance with laboratory management. Our Universal Testing Machine range meet and exceed ASTM, ISO, DIN, and other International standards.

Available Products

Universal Testing Machine - Tensile Tester

Universal Testing Machine - TM Series is mostly used for static testing in a tensile or compression mode within a single frame.

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Torontech's Servo Hydraulic universal testing machine is a popular hydraulic frame for testing metal samples, concrete, rebar, tube & pipe, stranded wire, steel bar & plate, fasteners, wood, and high strength composites.

Specimen Blanking Press – TT-SBM-1000

Specimen Blanking Press – TT-SBM-1000 from Torontech is specially designed to prepare tensile specimens for tensile test.

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