Prestressed Concrete Strand Testing

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ToronTech manufactures and services a wide range of advanced prestressed concrete strand testing machines and accessories.

Available Products

Prestressed Concrete Rebar Tensile Tester

Torontech’s High Strength Frame Dual Space Servo Hydraulic TT-HSDS600-PCStrand model is used to verify various mechanical properties 

PC Strand Universal Testing Machine

Torontech’s TT-PCSTM50-PC Strand electromechanical testing machines offers force, displacement or deformation closed loop testing in tension.

PC Strand Isothermal Stress Relaxation Tester

Torontech’s TT-PCSSR400-PCStrand is used to determine stress-relaxation of metal, such as concrete strand, prestressed concrete bar, and steel rope.

PC Strand Deflected Tensile Testing Machine

Torontech’s TT-DTT500-PCStrand Deflection Testing Machine is designed for deflected tensile test on wire strand according to ISO 15630-3.

Rebar Bend & Re-bend Testing Machine

Rebar Bend & Re-bend Testing Machine

Axial Load Fatigue Testing Machine

PC Strand Stress Corrosion Testing Machine

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