X-Ray Pipe Line Crawlers

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Pipeline crawler is an instrument used to detect the quality of welding in long distance pipelines. The X ray Pipe Line Crawler - TT-XRC Series from Torontech are safe, efficient, cost effective and easy to operate and maintain. All our crawlers are manufactures with highest grade of materials to provide excellent finish and extended life. Military specified electronic components ensure reliability even in the harsh environment encountered during operation. The X-ray pipeline crawlers have the advantages of high radiographic quality, high imaging sensitivity, low failure rate and high work efficiency. The crawlers can be moved in the pipelines with great efficiency as they are PLC controlled and are protected from voltage variations.

Features for X ray Pipe Line Crawler - TT-XRC Series

  • Easy to start, ensures accurate positioning at the same time and extend equipment life
  • KV regulating function in the X-ray generator can detect the cracks in different wall thicknesses
  • Adjustable exposure time
  • Automated warning signals for over current, high pressure, low battery, water contact, obstruction etc.

Technical specifications for X ray Pipe Line Crawler - TT-XRC Series

Model TT-XRC160 TT-XRC200 TT-XRC250 TT-XRC300-AWD
Operating temperature -30℃ ∼ 70℃ -30℃ ∼ 70℃ -30℃ ∼ 70℃ -30℃ ∼ 70℃
Operating humidity ≤90% ≤90% ≤90% ≤90%
Crawling distance 5km (return trip) 5km (return trip) 5km (return trip) 5km (return trip)
Pipe diameter range for detection Φ219mm ∼ Φ510mm Φ273mm ∼ Φ710mm Φ700mm ∼ Φ1016mm Φ700mm ∼ Φ1400mm
Crawling speed 15-18m/min 15-18m/min 15-18m/min 15-18m/min
Penetration thickness 12mm 24mm 30mm 42mm
X-ray source X-ray detector (160kv, 3mA) X-ray detector (200kv, 3mA) X-ray detector (250kv, 3mA) X-ray detector (300kv, 3mA)
Positioning error ±5mm ±5mm ±5mm ±5mm
Power supply 8 lead-acid batteries, 110V, 10AH 8 lead-acid batteries, 110V, 10AH 8 lead-acid batteries, 110V, 22AH 9 lead-acid batteries, 110V, 22AH
Climbing capacity 20° 20° 25° 40°
Weigh 54.1kg (overall machine) 75.3kg (overall machine) 125.3kg (overall machine) 154.3kg (overall machine)
Overall dimension 1600×140×140mm 1180×230×160mm 1200×380×190mm 1200×380×190mm
Turning radius ≥8D ≥8D ≥8D ≥8D


X-Ray Pipe Line Crawlers TT-XRC160
X-Ray Pipe Line Crawlers TT-XRC200
X-Ray Pipe Line Crawlers TT-XRC250
X-Ray Pipe Line Crawlers TT-XRC300-AWD

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