Metallurgical Microscopes

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Inverted Metallurgical Microscope - Metallograph XJP-6A

Table-top Reversed Metallurgical Microscope (Metallograph) Model XJP-6A

Inverted metallographic bench microscope for measuring and viewing surfaces and studying materials. Modern design is equipped with a polarized light set for crystallographic analysis.


  • Binocular head with seperate photo tube for photography & video
  • Rotatable precision engineered quadruple (4) nosepiece
  • Plan LWD objective set 10X/0.25, 20X/0.40, 40X/0.65, 100X/1.25
  • Widefield WF10X/18 eyepieces (2)
  • Widefield WF12X/14 eyepieces (2)
  • Widefield WF10X/14 measuring eyepiece
  • Large mechanical stage (7 x 6 inch) with co-axial controls for X and Y
  • Co-axial coarse and fine focus control
  • Halogen 6V20W illumination with field diaphragm and brightness control
  • Polarising filters included
  • ACCESSORIES: reflex 35mm camera adapter, video eyepiece

Portable Metallurgical Microscope – Metallograph SM 500 METALLOSCOPE


SM 500 Metalloscope is a self-contained portable metallurgical microscope ideally used for metallographical inspection of metals in laboratory or in-site. With fully handheld design and unique magnetic stand, SM 500 can be mounted directly against the surface of ferrous metals at any angle for non-destructive examination on flat, curved as well as other complicated surfaces.

SM 500 also can be used with digital camera or CCD image processing system to download metallurgical images on to a PC for data transfer, analysis, storage and printout.


  • Handheld design makes on-site metallographical inspection very easy
  • Magnetic stand can be mounted against ferrous metals at any angle
  • X,Y slideway move makes inspection very convenient
  • More convenient for photography
  • Non-destructive examination
  • Standard Configuration: Main unit, 10X & 12.5X eyepiece, 10X & 40X objective, illuminator, power supply, carry case
  • Optional accessories: Stand for small samples, digital camera, 35mm camera, digital/non-digital camera adaptors, 4X photo eyepiece, 20x & 25x objective, mini-grinder, electrolytic polisher, bulb
Technical Specifications: Metallurgical Microscopes
Microscope: 100-500X (extendable 1500X)
Eyepiece (largeview): 10X, 12.5X (extendable15X )
Objective: 10X, 40X, (extendable 100X)
Photo Objective: 15X
Slideway: X-direction 15mm, Y-direction12mm
Camera: 35mm
Illuminator: 6V 15w
Power supply: 110V or 230V 50/60Hz - Please specify when ordering
Stand: On-off magnetic stand
Size: 210×160×95mm ( 8.2 x 6.3 x 3.75 ")
Weight: 2.5kg - 5.5 lbs

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