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ToronTech™ offers Industrial testing machines to evaluate and determine Stress –relaxation exposure period in metals, concrete bar, and steel rope.  Freezers capable of reaching ultra-low temperatures that are widely used in scientific research.  Cold bend test machines are used to test metal sticks, rods and screw threads.  

Available Products

Torsion Testing Machine for Fasteners - TT-TTM

Torontech’s TT-TTM Series of Torsion Testing Machine is designed to verify the suitability of high strength bolt/nut/washer assemblies for pre-loaded bolted connection in metallic structures.

Torsion Tester

The TT-T Series Torsion Tester offers a standard torque capacity of up to 2,000 Nm (17,700 in lb). 

Stress Relaxation Testing Machine – TT-SR Series

Torontech's Stress Relaxation Tester - TT-SR Series is used to determine stress-relaxation of metals, such as pre-stressed concrete strand, pre-str

Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Freezer - TT-UL Series

Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Freezers from ToronTech™ are based on the advanced refrigeration method of single-machine automat

Cold-Bend Testing Machine

TT-CBT-160, Cold - Bend Testing Machine with 2 Positions is specially used for bending of test of metal – stick materials, plank materials, building screw thread steel.

Cylinder Bend Testing Machine

Our TT-TCBT-300 TRI-Cylinder Bend Testing Machine with 3 Positions is specially used for bending of test of metal.

Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine for Overhead Conductors - TT-HTTM

Torontech’s TT-HTTM Series of Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine is designed specifically for tensile testing of overhead conductors.

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