Materials Testing


ToronTech™ Materials Testing division is focused on supplying quality manufactured materials testing instruments throughout the globe. We offer an extensive range of solutions and products for the testing and evaluation of various materials and products made of metals, plastics, rubber, cement, concrete, paper and textiles.

Universal Testing Machine - Tensile Tester

ToronTech manufactures and services a wide range of advanced universal testing machines (Tensile Testing Machine) and accessories, ranging from 2kN to 3,000kN.

Tensile Sample Milling Machine - TTMill

In order to prepare high quality and accurate specimens, quality specimen preparation machines are required. ToronTech™ offers the ideal Test Specimen preparation machine to meet these requirements

Concrete / Cement Testing Equipment

Torontech's offers many cement products which are built to the highest quality and standards. Torontech has a large range of cement products to accomplish anything you would like.

Pendulum Impact Tester for Metals

Impact tests are used to measure the resistance to failure of materials to a sudden applied force. The test measures the impact energy, or the energy absorbed prior to fracture.

Optical Fiber Cable Testing Equipment

Torontech Advanced Testing Technologies are the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for Optical Fiber Cable Testing.

NDT and Ultrasonic Testing

ToronTech™ offers a wide range of Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques & machines to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage.

Rubber, Plastics and Polymers

ToronTech™ offers a wide range of plastics, rubber and polymers laboratory testing equipment to evaluate their physical & analytical properties.

Abrasive & Precision Cutting Machines

ToronTech’s Metallography machines and instruments includes Cutting, Grinding & Polishing machines, Metallurgical Microscopes and Mounting press machines. 

Industrial Testing

ToronTech™ offers Industrial testing machines to evaluate and determine Stress –relaxation exposure period in metals, concrete bar, and steel rope.  Freezers capable of reaching ultra-low temperatures that are widely used in scientific research.

Packaging Instruments

ToronTech™ offers a wide range of packaging test equipment including Coefficient of Friction Tester, Gas Permeability Tester, Heat-sealing Tester and Water Vapor Permeability Tester.

Xenon Arc Weathering Test Chamber

Test Chambers are used widely in temperature variation tests, cold resistance tests, and for low-temperature storage in the areas of aerospace and aviation, electronic instruments, and electrical products, materials, parts, and components.

Mortar Grinder – TT-MG-1000

Torontech offers Solid Sample Preparation machines like Mortar Grinder and Vibration Ball Mill.

PC Strand

ToronTech manufactures and services a wide range of advanced prestressed concrete strand testing machines and accessories.

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